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Shutters Blinds & Shades in Ferndale, FL

Whether you want plantation shutters, window blinds, roller shades, or other window treatments, we're here to provide you with the best options in terms of quality and longevity without compromising style. Take advantage of our free, in-home consultation, and give us a call today!


Faux Wood Window Coverings

It used to be that faux wood was considered undesirable, but we've watched the window treatment industry change for the better. Our window blinds take faux wood to a new level by embracing durability, functionality, and style. They withstand heat, moisture, and direct sunlight without becoming shabby, and they're incredibly customizable.

Treat your home to a fresh, new look by installing faux wood blinds that will last.

Real Wood Blinds

Real wood never has and likely never will go out of style for interior shutters. The option is always classy, beautiful, and an excellent investment. The versatility of real wood, when combined with its natural durability, makes it one of the top choices for homeowners everywhere.

You may see that there are very few homes, these days, sporting a vertical blind look. That's because the look of a horizontal blind is much more trending in our day and age. You will find the Florida Blind Company on the front end of all the trends, paving the way, and providing the best options for our customers.

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Roller Shades

Fabric Technology

Merment USA is leading in advanced fabric technologies. Our window treatments use these cutting-edge materials and incorporate professional engineering to create window shades that provide homeowners with privacy, stability, and durability.


On top of being high-quality, our roller shades are fire-resistant and safe. Each piece of fabric has gone through rigorous testing to make sure we provide you with nothing short of excellence.

Customization and Installation

Our vast experience in the window industry has led us to the understanding that all windows are unique. Two windows in the very same room might not even be the same! Because of that, we provide immense levels of customization. Our team will measure every window and provide you with roller shades that you can be proud of.

We even offer automotive features, which allow you to motorize your blinds, making them that much more convenient.

Plantation Shutters


Our most popular shutter option is Eclipse, which is made from Polyresin 3. That might not mean much to you, but what does mean something is that these shutters surpass all the traditional outdoor vinyl shutters by providing strength, UV stabilization, style, and class.

These blinds will last a lifetime without you having to treat them like they're made of glass.

Norman Shutters

When you think of Norman Shutters, it's impossible not to think of quality. Norman plantation shutters are study and a delight to have in your home. Because they're heavily customizable, you can bring out the most perfect natural shades of beauty in your home while saving money on electricity.

With Norman Shutters, you get to flood your home with the best natural lighting without sacrificing energy or quality.

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters enhance your home's natural beauty while staying on a budget. Over the last several years, we've seen a rise in the popularity of composite shutters. This is due to their strength, versatility, and insulation. The materials used do not crack, chip, or warp, instead, they keep heat and noise out of your home.

Call us for all the plantation shutters, blinds, and roller shades that you could want to bring out the best in your home.


What Is the Difference between Blinds, Roller Shades, and Plantation Shutters? 


Each of these options offers many pros and cons. It really comes down to your lifestyle, taste, and budget. Horizontal blinds are very budget-friendly but can be very limited in colors. Roller shades are for higher budgets that are wanting a very specific look with color and texture. Plantation shutters are our highest-priced product, but they are very energy efficient and offer a very high-end and elegant look. 

In the end– it really comes down to the look you are wanting in your home! Whatever you pick, our custom window treatments have got you covered.

Which Are Better: Horizontal Blinds or Vertical Blinds?

Horizontal blinds are IN right now, vertical blinds are OUT! If you are looking for something that is in style and trendy– horizontal blinds are where it’s at. Performance-wise, both are pretty equal, but if it’s the look you are wanting, horizontal is what may want.

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The installation team was skilled, entertaining, and did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves (which I find to be very rare).  I am 100% pleased with my purchase.

Chris, customer

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