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What's the Best Window Treatment for Slider Doors?

Plantation Shutter Slider

This question actually comes up quite often. Covering your regular windows tends to be an easy decision, most choose standard blinds, shades, or even curtains for their initial window treatment. But when it comes to a double door slider, it’s definitely more of a commitment since the options aren’t quite as cut and dry.

There are many things to consider when it comes to covering your double door slider. Are you looking for a permanent solution? A budget-friendly one? Does durability matter to you? Do you want full coverage or do you want to customize your light filter?

Let’s dive into the options that are most popular:

Vertical Blinds for Slider

Vertical Blinds

The most budget-friendly, vertical blinds are available in PVC and fabric– each kind having a pretty large variety of colors and textures. While they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, they do the job for privacy if you are needing coverage on a slider. Many people chose these when they have young kids in the house or if they aren’t planning on staying in the home that long. No matter what your reason is, these are a very functional option for many people.

Colors: Many options Available

Textures: PVC of Fabric

Blackout: No

Price Range: Low

Roller Shades for Slider

Roller Shades for Sliders

Roller Shades are a great mid-range option for slider treatments. There are a ton of options when it comes to blackout/light filtering/regular, texture, color, motorized, or standard. If you are looking for a treatment that is ultra customized this option would be it. Budget-wise, because they are customized it really just depends on the features you want which would determine how expensive they end up being. Many of our clients are able to find what they are wanting that fit within their budget.

Sliding panel shades are also another option to consider if you like the shade look. They would be a great option if you have several large sliding doors you are looking to cover. They are sleek and modern with an ounce of elegance.

Colors: Most options available

Textures: Most options available

Blackout: Yes

Price Range: Mid Range

Plantation Shutter for Slider

Plantation Shutters for Sliders

Lastly, plantation shutters for sliders. These are a higher budget treatment, but a beautiful one at that. With the higher range price tag comes a very durable and high quality product. These shutter sliders are meant to last a long time. They don’t offer the color/texture options like the other 2 products have, but normally people just love the white shutters anyway. You can customized the louver size and whether or not you would like a tilt rod, otherwise, the plantation shutters for sliders come pretty standard (which is fine because that’s exactly the look people are looking for).

Colors: White, Linen, Off White

Textures: No

Blackout: No

Price Range: High Range

Best Window Treatment for Sliders?

It really depends on what you are looking for! Roller Shades tend to be the most modern and available for color/texture customization. Shutters come highly desire and last forever. Vertical Blinds are budget friendly and can come in many colors, as well. Once you decide on the style of your home, what your budget is, and what your expectation of longvetiy is, it will help narrow down that you are looking for.

How can I decide what is best for my slider door?

I would suggest you look online, pinterest, or interior design magazines. Once you have an idea of what you want that will make your decision a little easier, especially if you are looking at roller shades. It can get overwhelming looking at so many options when you are talking to our design team. Once you have an idea of what you want, we can point you in the right direction.

Are you in the Central Florida area and looking for a window treatment for your slider? Give us a call for a free estimate! 407-504-1102

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